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The Most Influential Person in My Life

As the day goes by and the sun sets, night starts and brings darkness with it, but then the moon comes to take over the darkness and brings memory along. The character of my father and all the hard work he has done for me has a major role in my life. He is very kind and very comprehensible. My father is a very loving, intelligent, social and competent person. He is a great worker and successful. He is still working a full time job and sometimes more than that although now he has less energy. 

            My father is a tall and handsome man. He is forty-four years old now. He has seven children. He is very patient. He has many friends. He got his education in Pakistan where he studied to be a teacher. After becoming a teacher and teaching for a while, he won the lottery fifteen years ago. After winning the visa ticket, he came here to the United States fifteen years ago. When he came here, he did not have a job; he could not speak English. Like other newcomers to America, he worked at gas stations and grocery stores day and night. Then he became a worker for a senior center helping the handicapperd. 

      My father's social behavior and life was changed by many events. He got married in a very traditional way. His father died so his older brother followed the traditions and old belief. Traditionally, the young men and the young women are not free to choose a spouse for themselves. They do not have the right to go through a courtship stage so they do not have a chance to get to know each other. In the village sometimes the young man and the young woman meet for first time on their wedding night. After getting married and having children he did not continue his education. His children are his hope for the future. He wants his children to be educated and he never gives up supporting them. He works hard to do anything for his children to make sure they will succeed in their education and their goals. 

      My father never gives up for his children. My family does not live in great wealth and he spends money very carefully. However supplies he buys everything and whatever we need for the school.   I am so proud of my father and very deeply thankful because he sends me to school even though his family was against him. In my family the females do not go to school. My family and people in the village believed that men should go to school and study order to find a better job. But the women were not to go to school because they should stay home and be housewives. So therefore they do not need to go to school. I was the first girl who went to school, and broke the traditions. My father sends me to school because he wants me to be educated in order to have an easy life and a better future.

        My father knew that education is very important for the future. He knows that knowledge is a treasure that no one can steal from you.  Now I have to work hard, succeed for my father, and repay him for what he has done for me, and in order to make him proud and happy for all his hard work. That is why he has been the major influence in my life.



Take time to smell the flower; it contains a lot of feeling.  A flower can die once it is removed from the branch.  The same thing will happen to humans when we do not get good nutrition and diet. Imagine this and you will see why it is so important for every one to understand the basics of nutrition. It is important to understand the basic principles of diet and nutrition because it helps us in our everyday lives. Nutrition is the science that teaches us how the body absorbs / digests or uses food substances. Nutrition is a very important subject in society.

          Nutrition is important for us because good nutrition helps us to build or maintain both physical and mental health. Nutrients are divided into five major groups: protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Nutrition’s are very important in our bodies because it helps us to build our bodies and be healthy. Protein, carbohydrates and fats are called macronutrients, and vitamins and minerals are called micronutrients.

           Vitamins are organic substances required in small amounts to promote specific reactions within living cells. Thirteen vitamins are essential to health. Vitamins are divided into two kinds Fat vitamins and Water soluable. Fat soluable Vitamins A, D, E and K. Water solvable  vitamin C, 8 B complex vitamin, B-6 thiamine, falt  riboflavin, biotin and pontothenic acid. The functions are help to release energy, from red blood cells, and maintain skeleton, nervous and Immune systems.

 Minerals are inorganic compounds required in small amounts to help regulate body functions, aid growth maintain of body tissues, and act as catalysts for energy release. Minerals have required in more than hundred milligrams such as magnesium, phosphorus and sulfur. Minerals have less than hundred milligrams or trace minerals such as chromium, fluoride, and copper and so on. Commonly lacking minerals are Calcium, Iron and Zinc.

According to the An Invitation to Health by Dianne Hales, proteins provide four calories per gram or fifteen percent of total daily calories. Proteins form muscle and bones, as well as parts of blood, enzymes, hormones and cell membranes. The building blocks of protein are called amino acids. There are twenty amino acids that are found in food and are required by our bodies. Complete proteins contain all nine essential amino acids that basically we get from the food we eat. Most animal products such as beef, egg, mild and fish are complete proteins. Incomplete proteins are missing one or more of the nine essential Amino Acids. Typically, these come from plant sources such as beans, vegetables and nuts.

Fats (Lipids) provide nine calories per gram or thirty percent of total daily calories. The lipids are the most concentrated form of energy in food. There are different roles of fats to store energy, provide insulation organs, and help absorb fat soluable vitamins (A D E & K) and major fuel for body during rest and light activity. Most body fat is in the form of triglycerides. The saturated fats are solid at room temperature. The unsaturated fats are mono or polyunsaturated omega three falt acids; fish, oil and nuts.

Carbohydrates provide four calories per gram or fifty five percent of total daily calories. Carbohydrates are primarily found in plant foods. They supply energy to the brain, nervous system, blood and provide energy for high intensity activity. Carbohydrates are divided into two groups: simple sugars and complex carbohydrates. Simple sugar is also called mono-disaccharides it’s any thing that added to sugars such as honey, glucose and so on. A complex carbohydrate is also called a polysaccharine such as starches and dietary fiber. These are found in many vegetables, but not milk.

Food provides nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, water, and minerals that will break down into smaller molecules which the body can use to perform biological activities. Food eaten and then later absorbed into gastrointestinal act will either be used to supply energy for biological processes or stored in tissues and used at a later time when needed it. Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamin, mineral, lipids (foods) and water are all classified as nutrients.  The energy must be consumed in order for it to be used by the cells.

Water is a major component in food and in the human body. The body is more than sixty percent water; the need for water is greater than any other nutrient. We need about two liters per day or eight cups of water. It is necessary for digestion and absorption. Foods and fluids provide eighty to ninety percent of daily intake; the rest is generated through metabolism. Thirst should not be used as an indicator of when and how much water we should drink.

Aerobic exercise is that which will allow food substances to metabolize properly with the addition of oxygen. Muscle contraction, neuronal soluable, digestion, and other processes of the body all require oxygen to function properly. Can you imagine why people engage in physical activity? Why should we keep our muscles in good shape throughout our life span? Because health is wealth and health is related components of fitness. There are four health related components of fitness; cardiorespiratory (aerobic) endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition. But remember the exercise does not only help with physical but also emotional. Emotionally exercise helps to release the stress during exercise. Exercise stops stress in its tracks. Exercise can reduce anxiety and may even help you deal with anger.

To sum it up, over all the study about the diet and nutrition it help us how to be healthy. Diet and nutrition affect every aspect of our lives our health, our appearance, even our self-image. Exercise and eating good and healthy foods helps us to build our body strong to live long and happy.

Letter to Dr. Singer on Global Warming

Dear Dr. Singer,

                          I read your interview where you mention that “global warming and climate change is natural phenomenon”.  Although you use strong and wonderful examples to prove your beliefs about global warming, I disagree with your belief about global warming because I believe human have a lots of influence on the climate change.

You believe that climate change is a natural phenomenon and climate keeps changing all the time. However I disagree with your opinion. I believe that climate change more likely depends on humans how we use the nature and how well we recycle. Global warming is nature however during nature cycle it takes long time to change the global climate. As we humans move so quickly, that affects nature to move faster and change in smaller period of time. It’s happens too fast for humans that humans can not adapt. As well Dr. Wigley says “the human induced changes that are expected over the next hundred years are much, much greater that any changes that societies experienced in the past”. In other words Human activities are accelerating warming too fast.

Dr. Singer one of your other beliefs is that global warming is not a great threat to human being and to our planet. Also the species have and will continue to adapt to changing climate. However in my opinion the climate normally varies from year to year and decade to decade. Unfortunately, these changes can harm the earth as badly as depicted in the movies “Day After Tomorrow”. This movie is an example of what should, might be happen too human and our planet. If humans do not do any thing about the changes in global warming, the population will not survive. Climate change is an effect by human. Humans are causing more pollution with chemicals such as carbon dioxide.

According to you Dr. Singer we do not have to worry about climate change because we humans are not responsible. I disagree with you because we human are responsible for accelerating climate change by pollution and abusing electricity. If we humans do not respect the nature it is going to go out of control. We humans should do something that helps our planet to go back normally as it used to be.  Dr. Wigley says that accelerated change took places after the Industrial Revolution because of the pollution that we humans are using every day. The earth cannot cool down.

               There fore overall, I believe that the climate temperature is increasing too fast. The global average temperature is rising every day. The main way the human affect the atmosphere is by generating energy. How bad it is going to be and how fast it is going to happen depends on the humans. We humans must do something to stop acting so indifferent. We humans need to learn that in order to get you have to give first. The global warming is the sickness that we gave our mother nature, and we need to do something about it. I would like to thank you for reading this letter, and I hope that you will take it as seriously as I do.


                                                                                                              Thank you



Sweet candies are nice to eat!
Sweet words are easy to say!
But, sweet people are hard to find!
OH MY GOD! How did u find me!