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Letter to Dr. Singer on Global Warming

Dear Dr. Singer,

I read your interview where you mention that “global warming and climate change is natural phenomenon”.  Although you use strong and wonderful examples to prove your beliefs about global warming, I disagree with your belief about global warming because I believe human have a lots of influence on the climate change.

You believe that climate change is a natural phenomenon and climate keeps changing all the time. However I disagree with your opinion. I believe that climate change more likely depends on humans how we use the nature and how well we recycle. Global warming is nature however during nature cycle it takes long time to change the global climate. As we humans move so quickly, that affects nature to move faster and change in smaller period of time. It’s happens too fast for humans that humans can not adapt. As well Dr. Wigley says “the human induced changes that are expected over the next hundred years are much, much greater that any changes that societies experienced in the past”. In other words Human activities are accelerating warming too fast.

Dr. Singer one of your other beliefs is that global warming is not a great threat to human being and to our planet. Also the species have and will continue to adapt to changing climate. However in my opinion the climate normally varies from year to year and decade to decade. Unfortunately, these changes can harm the earth as badly as depicted in the movies “Day After Tomorrow”. This movie is an example of what should, might be happen too human and our planet. If humans do not do any thing about the changes in global warming, the population will not survive. Climate change is an effect by human. Humans are causing more pollution with chemicals such as carbon dioxide.

According to you Dr. Singer we do not have to worry about climate change because we humans are not responsible. I disagree with you because we human are responsible for accelerating climate change by pollution and abusing electricity. If we humans do not respect the nature it is going to go out of control. We humans should do something that helps our planet to go back normally as it used to be.  Dr. Wigley says that accelerated change took places after the Industrial Revolution because of the pollution that we humans are using every day. The earth cannot cool down.

There fore overall, I believe that the climate temperature is increasing too fast. The global average temperature is rising every day. The main way the human affect the atmosphere is by generating energy. How bad it is going to be and how fast it is going to happen depends on the humans. We humans must do something to stop acting so indifferent. We humans need to learn that in order to get you have to give first. The global warming is the sickness that we gave our mother nature, and we need to do something about it. I would like to thank you for reading this letter, and I hope that you will take it as seriously as I do.


Respectfully Yours



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